The ‘Global’ Data Model

I came across this term recently,  which is I’ve encountered before, but not a term I use often. This article from Bill Inmon (aptly titled ‘Three Types of Data Models’) suggests a Global Data Model  is one which can be used to reflect commonality between organisations, so it is a very, very high level data model.

So what is it exactly? A ‘Global Data Model’ is a synonym for a ‘Conceptual Data Model(CDM), perhaps a specific reference to a CDM at the highest possible level, given Conceptual Data Models are a high-level description of a business’s informational needs.

What is Architecture?

Architecture, from the perspective of Information Technology, is the philosophy that underlies any system.

It defines the purpose, intent, and structure of any system.

Architecture is the discipline of addressing business needs with people, process, and technology. There are various perspectives or kinds of architecture, including business architecture, enterprise architecture, data architecture, application architecture, and infrastructure or technical architecture.

Each of these disciplines has certain unique characteristics, but at their most basic level, they focus on mapping solutions to business value.