The Realities Of Your Industry 101

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 Producing beautiful software is not a goal.  Solving complex technical problems is not a goal.  Writing bug-free code is not a goal.  Using sexy programming languages is not a goal.  Add revenue.  Reduce costs.  Those are your only goals.

Don’t call yourself a programmer: “Programmer’ sounds like ‘anomalously high-cost peon who types some mumbo-jumbo into some other mumbo-jumbo.’  If you call yourself a programmer, someone is already working on a way to get you fired.

Co-workers and bosses are not usually your friends: You will spend a lot of time with co-workers.  You may eventually become close friends with some of them, but in general, you will move on in three years and aside from maintaining cordial relations you will not go out of your way to invite them over to dinner.  They will treat you in exactly the same way. You should be a good person to everyone you meet — it is the moral thing to do, and as a side note will really help your networking — but do not be under the delusion that everyone is your friend.