Free is Better

The [current] image for our site is a street graphic found in Melbourne, Australia. We  didn’t come up with this art, and we don’t own the copyright. However, we embrace what we perceive the message to be, and acknowledge this is likely to differ from what the artist intended. Perhaps.

(1) Free, as in freedom.

Never compromise freedom for safety. In the digital age, where one trades personal information for convenience; where corporations and governments feed off and trade on individual privacy like parasites; your personal freedom and your right to privacy are sacrosanct.

Freedom is always better than the alternative. Big brother is only too happy to throw the individual under the bus, at any time, for any reason. Individual privacy is paramount – value your personal information. Your personal information is your life.

(2) Free, as in no cost.

Everything costs too much: maximising profit to satisfy investors and shareholders is the name of the game,  and pursued relentlessly at the expense of humanity. Greed and consumption to excess – these are traits of the digital age. How else could you describe corporate visions of giant warehouses held aloft by airships, to serve immediate consumer demand by drone? [Referring to Amazon’s plans for autonomous order fulfillment].

We are seeing the end of the traditional software licensing model, and a new world of software subscription – the pathway to perpetual payments. And those incremental updates and features – once free, now require ever more micro-transactions.

Our children will pay to play: even ‘free’ games have a catch: game mechanics incorporates needless grinding to ensure players pay to advance.

We see the rise of mobile apps. Corporate giants boxing the freedom of the internet into controlled applications, to discretely siphon your private information and track your interests.

Call for and support fair pricing models in all things, because anything which requires effort must be compensated (otherwise it is slavery). However, in the face of unrealistic cost, free is always better.